Emilio Pucci to relocate from Florence to Milan

“The objective is to achieve a greater effectiveness and an improved operational synergy,” indicated the Italian fashion label founded after the Second World War by the marquis Emilio Pucci di Barsento, and owned by LVMH since 2000.Emilio Pucci is therefore set to concentrate all of its business activities in two venues. Manufacturing operations are to be based in Bologna, while design and commercial activities will be located in Milan.

The label, whose Massimo Giorgetti-designed collections are renowned for their colourful prints, has in the meantime informed the unions of the intention to relocate its 46 employees from Florence to Milan next March.However, the fashion label still has to decide the fate of its historic Florentine headquarters in the famous Palazzo Pucci, built in the heart of Florence in the XVIth century and which gave its name to Via de’ Pucci.In these times of heightened competition and strong disruptions on the majority of markets, luxury goods companies are forced to trim down their costs and streamline their industrial processes. A need recently illustrated by Brioni and Roberto Cavalli, as the two labels were both forced to implement in-depth reorganisations.

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